Mini Me Dolls

 Welcome to Snugzy. The World's Cuddly Mini Me DollsTurn yourself, friends, or family, into a loveable, huggable Mini Me Doll. With over 1000 outfits to choose from you'll find the perfect gift for anyone or any occasion

Personalised Mini Me Dolls

Whether you are looking for the ultimate, personalised gift for a birthday, or you just want to cheer a loved one up; our huge choice of Personalised Mini Me Dolls are going to be a big hit. 

Ordering your Snugzy Mini Me is as easy as falling out of a tree too! Choose from one of hundreds of customisable Mini Me characters, upload a photo (yours or the recipients) and we will take care of the rest. Before you know it, your hilariously, huggable Snugzy will be winging its way to you.

Our customised Face Photo Pillows are handmade in the UK by our team, so you can be sure of only the highest quality. For best results, please provide as high resolution a photo as possible - that way we can ensure your Snugzy is as gorgeous as possible!

Snugzy aka 'Cuddle Buddy' aka 'Mini Me' aka 'Personalised Teddy' is the greatest gift on Planet Earth! No matter what the occasion, Snugzy will bring your lucky recipient guaranteed laughs.

Get personalising your Snugzy Mini Me Doll now!