Personalised Cushions

    Shop our full range of personalised cushions - ranging from our mini-me dolls and photo cushions to custom body pillows and royal portrait style cushions

    Photo Cushions

    Let's face it, your sofa is missing something, but you're not 100% sure what it is. Well, before you go flicking through a load of boring interior design magazines, may we humbly suggest you check out our collection of Personalised Cushions? Take a look at the goodies we have got here! 

    Want a Photo Cushion of your Pet's face? Snugzy has got you covered.

    Want a Royal Portrait of your loved one to snuggle up to in the evening? Step right this way.

    Are you missing that special someone soooo much that you want a lifesized photo pillow of them? Well believe it or not, Snugzy can do that too!

    Upload a picture or add your own text to our range of photo cushions now at Snugzy.