Food Mini Me Dolls

    Turn yourself into the food you love with our cuddly Food Personalised Mini Me Dolls. With everything from Pineapple to Pizza, Aubergines to Avocados, find your perfect Snugzy now.

    Personalised Food Mini Me Dolls From Snugzy

    Does your loved one have a favourite food that they cannot stop eating? Maybe you’ve even joked that if they eat so much of it, they’ll turn into it? Well, with Snugzy you can make that prophecy come true with our collection of Personalised Food Mini Me Dolls.

    You can choose from over 30 different Food Snugzy characters to customise with your recipient’s photo; whatever gets their tummies rumbling. The hardest part is choosing which Mini Me is going to get the biggest belly laugh!

    If you’re looking for a hilarious, unique gift for the gourmet in your life, then you will certainly be hard placed to find a better gift than a Personalised Food Mini Me Doll from Snugzy.

    Get customising your photo gift now!