Retirement Mini Me Dolls

    Celebrate the years of toil being over with our Personalised Retirement Mini Me Dolls -the ultimate unique Retirement Gift for your loved ones.

    Unique Retirement Gifts From Snugzy

    It's been a long time coming, but the day is finally here! After all those years of hard work they are about to retire and you need to find a unique, personalised Retirement gift to thank them for all their efforts.

    Well, look no further than our hilarious range of Personalised Retirement Mini Me Dolls, a collection of hysterically funny customisable gifts to bring a smile to their face on quite a momentous occasion.

    We all dream of that day when we can retire and enjoy a well earned break from the work-a-day world; so why not celebrate them reaching this milestone with a unique retirement gift that they can treasure (and laugh at!) for the years to come.

    Personalising a Snugzy Mini Me Doll is extremely easy too. Simply choose a Snugzy character, upload the recipient's photo and you will receive your Mini Me cushion before you know it.

    Help them go out with a bang with a Snugzy Retirement Mini Me Doll.