Valentines Day Mini Me Dolls

    Shop our collection of Snugzy Personalised Mini Me Dolls perfect for your other half this Valentine's Day. Give a unique Valentine's Day Gift this year.

    Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts From Snugzy

    For the most unique Valentine's Day Gift in the world, look no further than our collection of romantic, Personalised Valentines Mini Me Dolls. At Snugzy, we were getting a little bit bored of the same old Valentine's Day gifts year after year - chocolates, roses… pah! That's why we decided to bring a pinch of hilarity to the most romantic day of the year, with our fully customisable Mini Me Photo Cushions.

    What could be more romantic than giving a Mini Me version of yourself to your loved one and watching them crease up with laughter… OK, so that doesn't sound particularly romantic, but the Snugzy team know that a couple who laugh together, stay together.

    So why not make your Valentine's Day gift unique this year and create your own romantic Mini Me with Snugzy?