Gym & Fitness Mini Me Dolls


    Feel the burn and push to the max with our Personalised Fitness and Gym Hunk Mini Me Dolls.



    Personalised Gym and Fitness Mini Me Dolls From Snugzy

    Do you even lift bro?!

    If you are looking for a personalised gift for the Gym-obsessed person in your life, then why not create them their very own hilariously huggable Mini Me Doll?

    When we're not helping you create the world's best custom gifts, the Snugzy team can usually be found in the gym; pumping iron, shredding spin classes and generally working out to the max. We suspect you know somebody who is up before dawn and down at the Gym too, so why not celebrate their obsession with physical perfection by turning them into a Gym and Fitness Mini Me.

    Simply choose the fittest Snugzy character and upload the recipient's photo. The hot-bods at Snugzy will take care of the rest and your loved one will have their very own gym buddy before you know it.