Housewarming Mini Me Dolls & Cushions

    For the perfect, unique Housewarming Gift, shop our range of Personalised Housewarming Mini Me Cushions and Dolls.

    Personalised Housewarming Gifts - Snugzy Mini Me Cushions & Dolls

    Finding that perfect, unique Housewarming Gift can be a chore as troublesome as moving house. That's why the SNugzy team have created the ultimate, personalised Housewarming Gift for anyone settling into their new home; our range of Personalised Mini Me Cushions and Dolls!

    We believe that every home needs a bit of character and our Mini Me Cushions are brimming with the stuff, but only because they will have your face on them! That's right, you can upload a photo of your faces on to our personalised Housewarming Cushions to create a definite ambiance of hilarity in their new home.

    So what are you waiting for? Start creating the best custom housewarming gift in the world with our collection of Snugzy Housewarming Mine Me Cushions and Dolls. Upload your photo now!