Politics Mini Me Dolls

    Always wanted to be part of a political party? Well you can now turn yourself into anything from a prime minister to a president with a Personalised Politician Mini Me Doll.

    Personalised Politics Mini Me Dolls From Snugzy

    To celebrate all our loved ones with strong political persuasions/ambitions, the Snugzy team have created a range of Politics Mini Me Cushions to give your recipient the platform their deserve (or don't deserve). The general rule of thumb is never to make personal life and politics, unless you particularly want an argument around the dinner table. However, now you can give the lil' dictator in your life a good laugh with the ultimate personalised photo gift.

    Ordering your Politician Mini Me Doll is as easy as navigating the latest scandal (well, maybe a little easier). All you need to do is choose one of our Snugzy Politician characters and upload a photo of the recipient's face. Your custom Mini Me will be swaying public opinion, kissing babies and winning votes before you know it.