christmas mini me dolls

Christmas Mini Me Dolls


    Unique Christmas Photo Gifts From Snugzy

    Unique, personalised Christmas gifts are pretty hard to find, but don't worry - Snugzy is here to help you raise your customisable Christmas Present game with our range of festive, Christmas Mini Me Dolls.

    If you are looking for a hilariously huggable Christmas Gift that will be remembered long after the tree has been packed away for another year and the indigestion has worn off, then look no further. Our Personalised Christmas Mini Me cushions are certain to raise the Christmas cheer and get your family laughing.

    It's easy and quick to customise your Mini Me Doll too - simply choose from our festive characters and upload your (or their) photo, to create a unique and hilarious Christmas gift. Forget the latest video games and gadgets - the future of the gift giving at Christmas is at Snugzy!