Birthday Mini Me Dolls


    Personalised Birthday Mini Me Dolls From Snugzy

    It's their special day so they deserve a special gift, right? Well, it doesn't get much more special than a Personalised Birthday Mini Me featuring their own face! Get the party started with a hilariously huggable custom birthday gift guaranteed to bring the house down with laughter.

    Ordering your unique birthday mini me couldn't be easier. Simply choose your favourite Snugzy Mini Me character and upload the recipient's photo. The Snugzy team will get to work immediately on creating your customised Birthday Mini Me and getting it to you before the big day arrives.

    Why not give the best personalised birthday gift in existence? A Snugzy is the perfect unique birthday present that will still be causing raucous laughter long after the candles on the cake have been blown out.

    Make it personal with Snugzy.